EDF is a well-established wind turbine installer in northern Europe, both on- and off-shore, and as the end-users pose the requirements that drives SheaRIOS action. Introducing the inspection expertise in the consortium WRS is our experienced service provider, a service provider that perform inspections internationally and has an enormous network that could be proven very valuable for the commercialization of SheaRIOS results.
Dekra will also provide their network and expertise in the inspection industry and serve as equipment provider adding the robotic climber, one of the three basic component of SheaRIOS solution.
IKH provides the second part of the solution, the Deployment platform as well as their expertise in the respective fields. TWI brings the Shearography kit, along with their expertise in NDT inspection, and especially technique development. Finally, Leitat, an institute with track record in robotic solutions will complement this team by providing its control and user-to-machine interfaces.
In addition, SheaRIOS consortium has been selected in a well balance to sufficiently accomplish not only innovation targets with scientific and technological objectives but also to ensure a smooth exploitation of the project research into industrial solutions for the wind industry and the general inspection sector. TWI has a network with more than 3500 industrial and research members that can be leveraged, and Leitat is one of the oldest (since 1906) and more prestigious technological centre in south Europe, a member of TECNIO, a certification created by the Government of Catalonia that identifies differential applied technology providers and facilitators. SheaRIOS consortium has the multidisciplinary capabilities required to ensure the project outcomes and the appropriate balance. The project includes organizations from the industry, including 3 SMEs, research and academia. SheaRIOS has given great priority to the testing of the system in realistic environments therefore all testing as well as final system validation will be executed at the premises of EDF. And it is expected that the project SMEs will also greatly benefit from the SheaRIOS activities through the improvement and validation of robotic abilities under the framework of autonomous robotic inspections for wind turbine blades.  

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